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    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Deep Love Core

    Found a really excellent design portfolio site with some help from the benevolent Nicopolitan. It's this site called Krop and they display your resume and portfolio in a really clean, slick looking setup. The free account lets you have ten images and looks great as it is. They've got more layout designs and a larger portfolio size for the paid service. I'm really enjoying the results I've gotten with it so far.

    Really, really hooked on this song at the moment. It's actually a collaboration that Girls' Generation did with Intel for the release of one of their processors in Korea. It sounds like a aural bomb dropped through a time warp from some far flung distant future digital society.


    nico said...

    Glad you're liking krop!

    Also, I think I like Girls' Generation for a lot of the wrong reasons. But oh, the song is catchy, too. ;)

    Fred said...

    Haha, yeah I can't hide the fact that I like watching videos, but they have a lot of songs that stick in my head. Run Devil Run is really good too, and I think it even was covered by some American pop artist. Maybe Rihanna. I'll definitely put up more of their stuff here.