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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Twitter Widgets

    I'd like to update my Twitter feed, and find a nice clean way to post it on various sites. Right now my feed sits at the top of this blog, as a plain RSS feed. I've tried using the official Twitter widget but it becomes misshapen and weird when I try to place it in the sidebar on this page. There's also an interesting looking batch of widgets I found on a site called Wish-a-Friend, but it's much busier than my page:

    Twitter Widgets - Twitter Backgrounds

    What Twitter widgets do you use? Have you seen any nice, clean ones? How does my plain RSS Twitter feed look? Do I even need to change it?


    Anonymous said...

    You know what just occurs to me is Twitter itself makes a pretty good widget. Check it out and see if it works for ya?

    Otherwise I have some scripts in my back pocket I can email you. :)

    Fred said...

    I tried putting that Twitter widget I linked to in my sidebar, but it came out all strange dimensions and none of my Tweets showed up. I would love to see what you've got!