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    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    I'd Like to Buy the World a Twitter

    Rumors are flying that Facebook is developing a Twitter app, another one of those boxes on your wall, that would, well, let you use Twitter within Facebook. This would keep Facebook users on the site and let the less tech-savvy explore Twitter while not having to leave their familiar Facebook home. I have a feeling this large portion of the Facebook demographic would be interested in Twitter if they tried it but likely can't be bothered to go figure out how it works or jump into a new service where there's no one they know. It may not bring over the long-time power users of Twitter however, as it remains to be seen how feature rich the app is or even what it looks like. Without the features of desktop clients such as Seesmic Desktop to parse my Twitter information, I wouldn't be terribly interested in switching over to this app.

    As much as I abhor Facebook's misguided contortions in its attempt to block the rise of Twitter, I have to admit this is a smart move to co-opt the service's users and it would be a win-win situation for both services. It would keep Facebook users on Facebook and improve the ability of the service to keep users in touch with their friends, its core value. At the same time it would bring Twitter to the attention of Facebook's 250 million users.


    Anonymous said...

    I think it's better for Facebook to just admit the Twitter API and to let it wire directly into Facebook like how certain apps are doing it. Cross promotion is definitely a good thing, but I can't help but feel Facebook is watering down its "secret sauce" of being event / photo / exclusive communication platform-ness.

    But that may just be me.

    Also I was trying to remember the name for Seesmic so thanks for the reminder. :)

    Fred said...

    Haha, no problem. I've really been enjoying the additional features over twhirl.

    That's a valid fear. Facebook likely wants all the benefits of a Twitter application without driving any users off to use Twitter elsewhere. It would be awfully nice to have Twitpics automatically added to FB photos...