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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Manga Notes: Spicing up your office life since 2009

    What a fantastic product idea. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Shonen Sunday comic magazine the company is releasing a huge line of manga post-it notes. They look exactly like the classic manga series they're meant to represent, only all text is removed and each page can be pulled off like a post-it note. This lets you write notes for yourself, friends, and coworkers in the speech bubbles. The notes written on the Kininaru episode where I saw this were hilarious; including a muscle-bound, tragic Fist of the North Star scene with the text, "Tomo, would you like to get lunch today?" I hope this becomes a permanent product rather than just an anniversary one.


    crazygrampastuey said...

    Oh man! Where can I get some of these??

    Fred said...

    Somewhere in Japan, haha. Actually I haven't seen these in stores yet myself.

    SnrIncognito said...

    who wants to guess at the proportion of dirty write-ins to clean ones made via this fabulous idea?